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About Spain

46 661 950
Language: 88.7% Spanish
Religion: 94% Catholic
Government: Parliamentary
Land: 504 782 km2
Sunshine: Up to 300 days
GDP Growth: 1.3% (2008 est.)

Spain is the most popular destination for the UK overseas property market and also for the UK tourist destination. Easily accessible, cheap flight, short flight times, wonderful climate, stable economy and wide sandy beaches are just a few of the reasons why Spain has risen to become the prominent destination for the UK.

However, is Spain still a good investment opportunity?
The answer, in our opinion, is simply yes and no. Some areas are undoubtedly overdeveloped and overpriced. However, if you thoroughly research and look for properties which have an 'angle' that sets them apart from the norm, intelligent clients should be able to obtain substantial returns from even such an established market.

The two areas we have chosen to specialise in are Murcia and Sotogrande. Both have exciting new opportunities, which should ensure substantial capital appreciation. From excellent transport links from the UK, to new rail links for the domestic market, to the well publicised talks regarding a new Spanish Disneyworld, the basic maxim of all property investment remains the same. Buy in areas which have the location and the planned infrastructure to ensure the maximum returns.

Below, we have focussed on what we consider to be two of the finest off-plan opportunities in the country today. Obviously, as an agent, we could market numerous developments in Spain, as ever, we have chosen to simply market the best.
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