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About us

BG Estates Worldwide is an international real estate consulting company. We earned our reputation for providing quality service to real estate investors in Bulgaria’s booming real estate market and we built on our experience and utilized our skills to further expand and serve clients in an increasing number of emerging markets through our offices and affiliates. The company was founded in 2002, and ever since it has been a synonym of professionalism and integrity and continuous improvement of quality of service. We are excited to be able to serve you and we will do our best to give you exactly what you need, as our major priority is you, our client.
    » we are an independent international company on the filed of real estates market
    » we have our unique way of work and developing
    » the company was founded in 1998. The first business destination was Great Britain
    » the company has been registered in Bulgaria in 2002, after we have gained a serious experience on the European market
    » we have achieved a significant growth for 10 years of experience on the real estates market. The numbers speak for themselves:
      – 5 investment projects
      – more than 2500 completed deals with properties
      – clients from 10 countries on two continents
    » we are in a close partnership and co-operation with some of the biggest and fastest developing construction investment companies.

What makes us different from the competition?

Investing in a property abroad is not all about money. It is also a great chance to get to know a new country, a different culture, to make new friends and to expand your horizons. It is an exciting journey and we are extremely happy to be a part of it for you.
    » we are focused on properties of high quality, in the area of new, unsegmented, developing markets
    » our company is claiming to be a responsible and honest, whose priorities are the individual consumers and our clients on the field of real estates
    » we are giving our best to identify and satisfy each of these needs, observing the market principles and the high professional standards at the same time, as well as ethical rules and norms

Our business mission

The management of BG Estates worldwide declares its Quality Policy, which has been made public with all levels within the Organization’s structure.


Company’s missions is:

“To offer our clients opportunities for safe investment in exciting and lively markets around the world. Whether You are looking to own a beautiful home abroad or to make a solid investment, BG Estates Worldwide will aim to fulfill Your dream”

For the implementation of the Quality Policy and Quality Aims, the management directs its efforts towards:

  • strengthening Organization’s position as a major international company in the area of real estate consultations

  • maintaining up to date information about the real estate market, aiming maximum requirement satisfaction of clients and strategic partners

  • maintaining and constantly widening the spectrum of offered services in the area of real estate investment consultancy, mediation in the sale-purchase and rental of real estates;

  • constant improvement of the Organization’s activities in order to address the changing legal circumstances, as well as client’s needs and wants;

  • optimal usage of the available material, human and financial resources to satisfy requirement of customers and third parties;

  • providing resources for constant increase of the qualifications of Organization’s personnel

  • motivating staff to provide services in accordance with the legal requirement of the respective country

  • providing opportunities for personal development of staff members in accordance with their contribution to the company

  • Achievement of total staff commitment to the announced Quality Aims, systematic control for the fulfillment of these aims and taking preventive and corrective actions in due time;

For the achievement of these aims BG Estates Worldwide has developed and introduced System for Quality Management, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Areas of activity

    » Constructions in the area of real estates

    » Management of new projects

    » Managing and developing investments

Consultant services

    » Investment consultations

    » Marketing consultations

    » Marketing researches:
    long-term and short-term development of marketing strategies and plans

    » Mortgage consultations

    » Insurance

Management of projects and investments

    » Management and renting properties

    » Overall management of investments

    » Continuous service after purchase

Additional services

BG Estates Worldwide offers two additional services, supporting our main activity – designing and manufacturing of furniture. We have a separate company that takes care for the interior and furnishing – BG Decor www.bgdecor.com.

BG Decor possesses two entirely equipped factories for furniture production. There are working professional designers, who can offer overall decisions for the interior design and fitting. The company manufactures also a furnishing according to the client’s preferences and taste – in order to satisfy his highest expectations.

The team

BG Estates Worldwide is one of the fastest developing companies in the area of real estates.

It has attracted in its team more than 100 young high-qualified and professional educated specialists, who are under employment or consultant contract, it ten company’s offices, which are located in Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, Russia, Italy and Greece. The average age of team’s members is 32 and 87% of them have Economic Master Degree.

Our people will be there ready to help you with:
    » Property selection
    » Financing options discussion
    » Arrangement of a viewing trip
    » Booking a reservation
    » Advice on currency risk and money transfers
    » Application submission
    » Introduction to a Notary
    » Providing useful information at every stage in the process
    » Keeping you up to date with investment property market news and information

Branch network

Our strategy for the future and corporate objectives, show clearly that it is impossible to operate successfully at the international market from only one office. Our first office in Bulgaria became central.

Simultaneously, we created 9 more offices, located in 6 countries – Bulgaria, UK, Ireland, Russia, Greece.

BG Estates Worldwide is here to help people like you join the amazing world of investing in real estate around the world. Do not hesitate to contact any of our offices in:
    » Central office – Sofia, Bulgaria

    » Regional offices:
    » London, England
    » Bristol, Ireland
    » Moscow, Russia
    » Novosibirsk, Russia
    » Varna, Bulgaria
    » Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
    » Sofia, Bulgaria – second office
    » Bourgas, Bulgaria
    » Thessaloniki, Greece


For 10 years of experience, our company has achieved a wide recognition and high assessment for its clients’ oriented approach on the estates market.

We have won many awards from participations in some of the most prestigious international exhibitions for real estates: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Sankt Petersburg, etc.

Investments, Construction, Real Estate - Moscow, April 2007   Domexpo, October 2007   Investments, Construction, Real Estate - Novosibirsk, November 2007


  & m - Sankt Petersburg, December 2007   Supporting Charity campaigns   Investments, Construction, Real Estate - Novosibirsk, October 2008   Moscow International Property Show - Moscow, April 2009
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