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Our risk managers evaluate all possible risks your property is exposed to in order to identify those risks you need protection against. We continually review and reassess your property’s specific situation to minimize your risks and maximize your returns. The benefits include:

  • Improved planning and decision making
  • Simple and efficient capital allocation
  • Better budgeting and higher scheduling accuracy

Buying property is an important decision and that is why you need to protect your decision to purchase or to build a home as much as possible. Your home is more than just the place you live in. It is also the combination of your family’s shared values and experiences that make your home unique. To protect your important investments, BG Estates Worldwide strongly recommends Property Insurance. We advise you to insure your property against all major risks such as:
  • fire
  • earthquake
  • flood
  • landslide
  • vandalism
In addition, at your request, the property can be insured against additional risks. For completely furnished properties furniture insurance is also recommended. Visit the websites of some of the companies offering real estate insurance in Bulgaria:
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