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Testemonials and References

Tatyana Gorchakova, Russia


Hello! I would like to express my gratitude to the company "BG Estates" for high professionalism, full support and personal involvement of employees: Irina, Svetlana, Borislav on matters that have arisen in the process of buying our apartment in Bulgaria. Our stay in Bulgaria passed comfortably, thanks to the assistance of the helpful manager Borislav Ivanov.


Tatyana Gorchakova

Dear Mr. Alexandrov, hello!


I am writing this letter with a sincere desire to express gratitude to you and your colleagues with whom I interacted during that year on the acquisition of apartments in Sunny Islands. I was very pleased to work in Moscow with Svetlana Dimova, who was always courteous, organized and efficiency in work. In Bulgaria, without care and attention from the Stanislaus Foteva and Tatiana Odaryuk I'd have to spend a lot of extra time in the preparation of the transaction and the repair of the apartment. A friendly and always ready to help Zivko Kondov helped us to quickly settle into a new apartment and enjoy a holiday in Sunny Islands. I also want to mention the excellent organization of the beach and thank the chef at the beach, which prepared very tasty, perhaps, the most delicious in Sozopol and Chernomorets!

Many thanks again to you and your colleagues! I wish your company and its employees every success!


Sergei Isayev

Svetlana, Good day!


We have a request. We would like to express our gratitude to Ivaylo good attitude towards customers. For his willingness to help us.

We had a problem with the Internet and on Friday we went to the people who work in "Sky Drims" asking them to help us. At the reception girl was just looking at us and shrugged his shoulders, another her colleagues vowed to make a request to correct the problem. We pay for their services too.

Governor Michael called somewhere, but nothing could say specifically. Then came a master Volodya, promised that "tomorrow after 12.00 will fix it" and gone and we had an urgent matter - to sign contracts. Then call Ivaylo to understand how to us. We complained to him. It happened yesterday during the day and night he sent his friends and for 5 minutes, they removed the problem.

Ivailo and your company.
And everything is very nice - hopefully more to retire and live here!


Alexey Demidov

Thank You, Svetlana!


I came back from Bulgaria with an absolute enthusiasm!
"Magic Dreams" - this complex is spot on for us. Thanks to You, Svetlana, we were able to fulfill our dream!
Thank You very much !
Elena Leonidovna


Terra Tour Service Ltd., Dreamville Ltd., Bulgaria


Serguey Bodagovskiy, Olga Gorb, Russia


Good afternoon,

I would like to express my gratitude to the team in your company Gleb Kransportye, Tatyana Odaryuk, Dimitar Stratiev and Borislav Ivanov for their professional, operatively and patiently approach towards the clients.

I hope to further beneficial cooperation.

Respectfully yours,
Serguey Bodagovskiy, Olga Gorb

Natalia Afanesova, Moscow, Russia

Dear Mr. Alexandrov,

My name is Natalia Afanesova. Me and my family are Your clients in the purchase of an apartment in one of Your developments in Chernomoretz.

I would like to express my gratitude, even with some delay, to Your consultants for the excellent organization of my viewing trip and introduction to Bulgaria during 19 to 21 December 2008. Also I would like to thank Your member of staff Dimitar Stratiev for his very professional approach towards the clients, for his precision in organization, and for his professionalism and ticklishness. Thanks to this professionalism me and my husband took the very important and positive decision of purchasing real estate in Bulgaria. During the last weeks Dimitar was extremely responsive and answered all my questions. Knowing that it was impossible for me to know all the details and particularities of purchasing real estate, he very patiently explained and made clear every step in the purchasing process.

I would like to ask You to kindly Thank Dimitar on behalf of me and my family.

I am confident, that with such members of staff a very bright future and great results are awaiting Your company.

Yours truly,
Afanasieva Natalia
MD, “IDI Groupr Ltd” Production company
And Alexei Krilov

Han . N., Novosibirsk, Russia


My initial plan was to purchase an apartment at the Black Sea coast fo summer holiday place for my family. I contacted several real estate agencies that were offering properties for sale in Bulgaria. I have chosen BG Estates Worldwide, motivated by a number of reasons.
First, the company has an excellent web site, which is regularly updated and contains important and useful information.
Second, I found out that the company has a representative agency in Novosibirsk, where I got sufficient information that made me decide to travel to Bulgaria. The meeting and the viewing trip were organized and carried out by company’s consultants from the Sofia office. I was very content from their friendly and non-officious attitude and the good supply of information. All consultants speak Russian fluently. Within the several days that I spent viewing properties in Bulgaria, allowed me to appreciate the professional approach of the BG Estates’ consultants as to finding the best solutions of complex and non-standard issues, connected with the real estates’ market.
After my trip to Bulgaria, I started to seriously consider the option not only to buy a property in Bulgaria, but also to start a business partnership with BG Estates.
The qualification and the high-standards of work of all BG Estates’ consultants became a fundament for establishing co-operation, partnership and friendship.
To all of you, I express my deep gratitude.

A. G. Kransportie, Moscow, Russia


I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the attentive and qualified approach to the purchase of real estate in Bulgaria for my family.

The purchase of property in Bulgaria has been an old dream for my family and now this dream has become a reality thanks to BG Estates Worldwide. Before turning my attention to your company I have consulted with many other companies, that are selling properties in Bulgaria, and I have attended quite a few international real estate exhibitions. Your company offered me the most qualified help by far.

I was extremely pleased with the careful approach and high professionalism of the staff in the Moscow office, a wide range of properties was offered to me, ranging form Seaside properties to mountain and city estates in the capital Sofia. I was also very satisfied with the rapid operations and quick solutions to the operational problems, connected with the purchasing process, as well as the high reliability and reputation of your company, its partners, the thorough research and selection of properties on offer, qualified help with regards to legal and financial issues, connected to purchasing a property in Bulgaria.

I will without any hesitation recommend BG Estates Worldwide and their Moscow operations to all my friends and acquaintances, who are planning to purchase a property in Bulgaria.
I would like to take this chance and wish you all the very best and a many more success stories in the future and the best of luck for the new 2008.

Olga Bucharska, Moscow, Russia

The company “BG Estates’’ - excellent professional team. I met them on the exhibition in Relatex – the end of April in 2007, and two months ago I went to visit them in Sunny Beach. They did for me everything which is possible to see the projects around the beach, but also to spend and one wonderful vacation. Enormous thanks to all BG Estates’ agents, everybody could trust to this company.

Irina and Valeri Tarnavski, Saint- Peterburg, Russia

Good Afternoon! Thank you for the letter and the pictures! We arrive well. The vacation in Bulgaria was beautiful. I am happy that we met with you and your company. We are thankful for your hospitality. I hope that our collaboration will be profitably for you and for us to.

Richard and Lisa Bryan, England

My husband and I first discovered BG ESTATES in August 2004 when surfing the net for an estate agent to help us locate a suitable Bulgarian property. I found the website of BG ESTATES extremely easy to use, very helpful and very informative and I therefore chose to contact them over and above all the other hundreds of estate agents available." "From the very first contact with them we found all staff to be extremely helpful, efficient and reliable. We were unsure whether to purchase a "ski" property or "beach" property and BG ESTATES were happy to provide us with the relevant information to help us make that decision." "Having located a few potential properties, a very reasonably priced viewing trip was arranged for my husband by BG ESTATES. He flew into Sofia and was met personally by Armin who had driven up from Sofia to Sunny Beach. Armin then spent the whole of the next three days with my husband driving him around each potential development and providing huge amounts of information about the area, the developers, the housing market, the buying process etc. Despite those days being very busy and tiring, Armin was not "pushy" but very hospitable and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his trip. Armin also put us in contact with an English-speaking solicitor and recommended an English-speaking bank, who we now use and who we have found to be extremely efficient and professional." "We are now in the process of buying two Bulgarian properties through BG ESTATES and have had contact with them from time to time since the viewing trip and they continue to be attentive, friendly, informative and helpful." "Both my husband and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone wishing to find a reliable, efficient and above all, a genuine Estate Agent.

Keith Hamilton, Ireland

"BG ESTATES allowed us to buy with confidence; we came to view and ended up buying a property within 48 hours! Their knowledge of the local property market and extensive contacts provided us with a number of suitable properties to study. Once a decision was made, they managed the purchase process from end to end, providing support and advice every step of the way." "Our biggest question is, why didn't we buy our apartment in Bulgaria years ago? Probably because we hadn't met BG ESTATES!"

Tomas Robinson, Holland

"A place after retirement! A dream come true?" "How to avoid making it a nightmare, we wondered. You scroll through papers and internet pages. It is hard to know where to settle, what to buy and what lies behind the object descriptions, which have a tendency to describe everything as luxurious. One new development that caught our attention led us to BG ESTATES. This evolved into communication through e-mails. Other objects were presented and through mutual communication a base for needs and possibilities was created. The result was a trip to the "promised land" Bulgaria. Over a period of five days we were guided through a selection of potential homes. We felt very well catered for and found the properties presented to us to be well adapted to our wish list and economic possibilities. It resulted in what we feel a very successful compromise that is awaiting us for future winter months. "The follow up of the buy is also an important part of feeling secure about an acquisition that involves as much money as buying a property means. We feel well in tune with our agent and get prompt responses whenever we have something to wonder about. BG ESTATES has to us lived up to our expectations of a property agency founded on knowledge and a personal, serious approach."

Dan and Christine Jones, England

Hello, everyone from BG estates! We would like to express our gratitude to BG estates’ Bourgas Office for all the help they provided us during our stay in Bulgaria. You really made us feel welcome. We’ve always dreamt of a small house in a peaceful place where we can live once we retire. We have found it with your help. You took us to so many wonderful places and we’ve chosen our dream home. This spring we are moving to Bulgaria thanks to you. You made our dream come true. You are really great. Thank you very much.

David Harris, England

"I would like to recommend BG ESTATES to anyone thinking of buying property in Bulgaria. When I was first considering buying in Bulgaria I contacted some of the names on the property scene but quickly felt that I was being pushed into things and decisions before I had even had a viewing or even landed in Bulgaria to view property, and a big mistake was to give my phone number to them." "However by a stroke of luck I viewed BG ESTATES' website and rang them, I was put in contact with Armin Sarkissian and I told him exactly what I was looking for; he then had a range of properties to show me when I arrived. I found him to be very attentive to what I had asked for and viewed a lot of very suitable properties and even though my criteria was very rigid in that I wanted views, a penthouse and a whole list of other must haves, he persevered until I found my dream home in Bulgaria. But he didn't stop there, he saw to everything, and even took me to the local bank and organized opening my bank account there." "Finally I felt very lucky to have stumbled on BG ESTATES and I could write lots more to recommend all at BG ESTATES - all I can say is contact them and be shown exactly what you're looking for and enjoy a very pleasant purchase experience just like I had." Nothing is too much trouble for BG ESTATES!”

Caroline Foster, Bristol, England

Hi, BG estates’ team! Thank you guys for your collaboration in this whole property purchase process. Special thanks to Armin, who took care of the bank and notary. He explained me each step of the process and helped me with fill in all the documents. I wouldn’t have done it without him. I showed the pictures of the apartments I’ve bought in Sofia to all my friends and one of my colleges intends to buy one in the same building. You are great team and keep up with the hard work.

Phil and Ann Brown, Ireland

When we first visited Bulgaria 5 years ago we’ve wanted to buy our own holiday home. Now we have it thanks to your professional help. This summer we are going to spend our vacation in our newly built and furnished apartment. You’ve done brilliant job with the internal design. We are very impressed. We would highly recommend BG estates and its services to all our friends.

Robert and Diane Clancy, England

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent service while purchasing a Bulgarian Property.
As you know this is a huge financial commitment and one which is also more stressful in a foreign country. My first experience with your Company was with Susan Edwards who I found to be extremely professional in her dealings and gave me a true and honest picture of the proposed property we intended to buy. Prior to paying the deposit she still ensured we were making the right decision by investigating every property on your books to ensure we had not missed out on anything. We are very grateful for her vast experience and integrity. With most companies this is where it stops "Done Deal Next Customer", not however with BG ESTATES. Susan introduced us to her colleagues who constantly stayed in touch we us during the building of our property answering all our questions during this time. We arranged to meet Susan last month who took us to your recommended stores and made furnishing our Apartment a pleasure and pain free! This after sales service is the icing on the cake. I would like to again congratulate you on what I believe is an excellent company and I believe it is "People that do Business" and not companies. Needless to say we will of course be recommending BG ESTATES to our Family and Friends.

Sessile Jenkins, London, England

You are the best team I’ve ever met. Amazing work. Thank you very much for all the assistance you provided me during my stay. It started with my lost passport and ended with one bought apartment in Pamporovo and many good impressions and memories. All this wouldn’t be possible without your help. I had such great time with you. Now I tell all my friends to keep their passports and buy an apartment with BG estates.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!